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DSP at TOC CONNECT 26-27 October-Rotterdam, Ahoy

The DSP team will be delighted to welcome you at our Stand n.24, from 26th to 27th October, Rotterdam-Ahoy. For Terminal Operators, the access to the Event is Free. Please register Here

Save the Date: Wednesday 27th October, 15:00-16:00 – DSP will participate to the Session “Spotlight on Digital Transformation” with a speech on “Data analysis and digital simulation to support daily operational decisions.”

TOC CONNECT goes digital: 18 October – 5 November, 3 weeks of Insightful  Learning, Engaging Discussions & Networking Opportunities. Meet DSP Team, ask for a meeting or a quick call. Registration of the virtual event is free. Please register Here

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DSP presents DSP Talumis B.V.

DSP Talumis B.V. is born from the synergy between DSP Data and System Planning S.A. and Talumis B.V. to develop digital simulation and forecasting for the Ports and Terminals industry.
“The strong competencies of DSP and Talumis are melded and give life to something unique and highly specialised in the market of ports and terminals”, says Giambattista Ravano DSP Chairman.

DSP has an excellent reputation, network, a highly skilled workforce and the same “Can Do” mentality. Our simulation and Digital Twin know-how together with the years of in-depth experience of DSP in the container terminal market, creates a very powerful combination”. states Steven Hamoen, Talumis CEO.

It’s been some months since the two companies began working together and thanks to their network of competences have developed a terminal Digital Twin: GEMINI.
Gemini has also been developed with the support of CSP Valencia Terminal, a partner who immediately believed in the project and actively cooperated to build the digital twin.

For more information, visit the GEMINI website.

Read the full press release.

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N4 upgrade completed at PD Ports

PD Ports successfully completed a major N4 upgrade from 2.6 to 3.8. DSP supported the terminal during this upgrade project, providing detailed use cases that were used during the testing phase, followed by remote testing support. During the recent upgrade Go-Live, 2 DSP senior consultants were onsite to support the operations 24/7, and assist with any issues raised.

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DSP LAB supports RSGT-Jeddah- with TOS assistance services

DSP LAB, the company based in Chennai founded by DSP and ITL in 2020, will provide RSGT- Red  Sea Gateway Terminal– TOS assistance services to manage its N4, XPS, ECN4 and N4 billing system.

Located at Jeddah Islamic Port,  RSGT is the largest logistics gateway, and the busiest container terminal, in Saudi Arabia, and on the Red Sea.

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DSP supported EUROFOS on N4 upgrade

EUROFOS, Fos-sur-Mer, the largest container terminal in France, did a major NAVIS N4 upgrade from 2.6 to 3.6. DSP supported the terminal during this upgrade project, providing field development to synchronise data and events from their testing 3.6 environment to the 2.6 production during 3 major dry runs. This helped to identify potential issues prior to the go-live.

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DSP and TALUMIS together to develop a Digital Twin of the Terminal

DSP and TALUMIS finalised an important partnership agreement to develop and market together innovative vertical software solutions in the area of simulation, emulation, predictive analysis and artificial intelligence for the Container Terminal industry to support operators in their daily operational decisions.

CSP Valencia Terminal is at the side of this important project.

Ivan Deosdad, Director of Projects CSP Spain and Ignacio Huet, IT Director CSP Spain: “With this partnership, we see an excellent opportunity to remain at the forefront on a technological level. Thanks to new technologies, digital twins will revolutionize the way container terminals make decisions, offering operational efficiency, managing high volumes of data and avoiding dangerous situations, which will lead to safer and more efficient decision making, increasing the overall performance of the terminal”.

Read the Press Release here

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MBOX Terminals: the first Octopi customer in Europe

MBOX Terminals has selected Octopi by Navis for its new intermodal terminal located in Nis, Serbia, making it the first Octopi customer in Europe. The terminal selected Octopi’s cloud-based TOS because it provided a modern, comprehensive solution that would optimize operations and increase visibility for stakeholders of the terminal.

DSP is really happy to be part of this project with a great team. DSP, certified partner for Navis, will design the Business Process Management, contributing to the operations start-up of the new terminal.

More information on NAVIS press release

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DSP enters the Energy Efficiency market with GREEN+ and POWERGY+ by DBA

DSP and DBA PRO. a company of the DBA Group have begun a collaboration on the international market to support companies in the increasing challenges of energy efficiency and environmental safeguarding. The two solutions are for environmental and energy monitoring of port terminals and logistic hubs.

The management of energy consumption and related monitoring are valuable tools for defining the “carbon footprint” in real time and therefore aiming to achieve the objectives set by the Paris Agreement. In particular in terms of energy efficiency, whose target set by the European Union is at least 32.5% to be achieved by 2030.

The two platforms GREEN+ and POWERGY+ monitor, measure, alert and correlate the energy and environmental information, allowing efficient use of electricity for industrial plants and buildings in general.

The system allows to identify waste and reduce energy consumption, by carrying out energy and environmental monitoring of the entire infrastructure.

For more info read the full press release

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DSP and ITL together to create a technology accelerator for ports and logistics, please welcome DSP LAB

DSP Data and System Planning (DSP) and Ideal Tech Labs (ITL), create a strategic partnership and found together a new company under the brand of DSP LAB Pvt Ltd.

Based in India, the newco will work for the container and general cargo terminal industry under the brand of DSP to accelerate digitalisation of operational process through the latest technologies and development platforms.

DSP can now count on 36 experts that include project managers, business analysts, TOS consultants, QA engineers, software and groovy developers. DSP is the biggest NAVIS certified partner in the world.

The products portfolio of DSP and ITL will offer to the market a wider variety of products DATAVIEW, DATAREBOX, N4PIC, TESTN4, TCS and more.

Giambattista Ravano, Chairman of DSP: “We are very glad and proud about the creation of DSP LAB that represents a great step ahead for DSP. Through DSP LAB we will strength our capability to invest in new, high value-added products and services for our target market.

Marco Fehmer, DSP CEO and Chairman of DSP LAB “We found in ITL the right partner to grow our business and with whom to share the same values of reliability, trust, flexibility, quality and efficiency to which our customers are used to.”

Mahesh Subramanian, Founder of ITL and Managing Director of DSP LAB, “We have been working with DSP for several years. Together we can develop a relationship not only commercial, but combine our skills and capabilities. It’s a great opportunity for both of us.”

Read the full press release here

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DSP launches its new application DATAREBOX for Container Maintenance and Repair

DATAREBOX is a hosted solution to manage inventory, estimates, repair and billing of standard and reefer containers. A safe and secure connection to the terminal TOS ensures real time updates and reduce paper and email exchange between repair unit and planning department.

Marco Fehmer, DSP CEO “We are living a moment of changes, where the digitalization becomes more and more crucial for our clients. DSP and its software engineering team are proud to play the role of technology accelerator and are very pleased to offer to the market new solution like DATAREBOX that we are sure will meet the favor of terminals and logistics operators”.

DATAREBOX receives an automatic notification of the container to be repaired from the TOS. Afterwards takes place the inspection of the physical unit using mobile device (OCR and picture) to register damage codes and locations for multiple components. The system finalises the estimate of repair with material and hours cost and requests the authorisation via EDI or API and communicate the status of the estimate to the TOS. The tool also includes also reefer spare part management.

To know more, please write to and click here

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A new moon landing: climate neutrality for Europe

by Nicolo' Stoppino, DSP Product Sales

The Carbon Footprint reduction goes trough energy data analysis, monitoring and evaluation. The competitiveness of modern companies also passes inevitably through the reduction and optimization of energy costs and environmental parameters.

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February 2021
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Optimisation in the Digital Age

by Marco Fehmer, DSP CEO

In the era of Digitalisation and Automation there is still a key role played by humans, they take decisions, influence strategies, and motivate the people

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July/August 2020
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The container cycle and the data security

by Giambattista Ravano, DSP Chairman

Data security and how it is being faced in the world of shipping.

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October 2019
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Ravano’s family – 150 years of history

by Giambattista Ravano, DSP Chairman

150 years of entrepreneurship; from the first Brigantine to the containerisation

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The importance of being tested

by Marco Fehmer, CEO of DSP

Testing your TOS is crucial for the success of your project.

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June 2019
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Digital Revolution: using information to boost terminal performance

by Marco Fehmer, CEO of DSP

Collecting and rationalize data in the ocean of containers.

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June 2018
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Disruptive Technology and Smart Container Industry

by Marco Fehmer

The future of Automation in the Container industry.

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May 2017
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Economic justification in automation projects

by Marco Fehmer, General Manager, DSP

In the recent years of container terminal industry, equipment and process automation has become a common design guidelines for greenfields planning and brownfields revamping.

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May 2016