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Experts by your side to custom, develop, optimize and innovate the technological skills of your Container Terminal.

We are a Technological Partner Company in the Ports & Terminals Industry since 1986

DSP supports ports, terminals, inland facilities, and rail terminals around the world in the supply chain ecosystem with services and products related to TOS Terminal Operating System, Terminal Automation and Optimization. Our deep focus is on TOS Consulting, Business Intelligence, Digital Twin and System Integrator : we support our customers in evaluating the best IT solutions to empower their business operations.

TOS Consulting

DSP offers personalized worldwide consulting services and innovative products around TOS, Automation and Optimization. DSP also offers a large portfolio of professional services and customized products to support terminal operations processes and systems such as: planning and control optimization, training, testing, processes automation design and integration, reporting and business intelligence, billing and contract lifecycle management systems.

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Business Intelligence & Digital Twin

From the great experience and the in-depth knowledge of the Industry, DSP's software engineers have developed products that are perfectly suited to any terminal, both inland and sea. Focusing on the final goal of Enhancing Logistics Efficiency and Performance, DSP built up personalized Business Intelligence Systems and Digital Twin Platform. Moreover Radio Communications and Billing are other well known products in DSP portfolio.

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System Integrator

At DSP, we are committed to empowering businesses with the digital solutions they need to thrive in today's dynamic and competitive landscape. With our expertise in System Integration and our extensive network of partners, we are uniquely positioned to deliver tailored solutions that address the individual terminal cases of our clients effectively. Best solutions to address to specific business needs, DSP can act as System Integrator delivering turnkey solutions. 

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The experiences acquired by our individuals are shared among all team members through an internal knowledge network.

Worldwide Presence

Regardless of your location, we are at your side. DSP is present with its subsidiaries in various parts of the world: India, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA.


Our expertise in the Port and Terminal sector is recognised by the successful projects we have completed over the past 40 years.

Cost Effective

Conscious of the challenges of our customer, we are structured in a way to be competitive, efficient and effective in all of our services.


We have been the first IT company operating in the maritime market.
We are the first NAVIS implementation partner.
We drive the new technological challenges and the digital transformation revolution in the ports and terminals ecosystem.


We carry out the project with you, providing a dedicated and qualified team.


Global helpdesk and Support Service


Over 370 projects completed worldwide partnering with main Terminal Operators


14 languages to cover the 5 continents


45 people among which 20+ are N4 certified, the Terminal Operating System provided by NAVIS, part of the Kaleris group

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