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DSP's software engineers have developed products from their in-depth knowledge of the industry that are perfectly suited to any terminal, be it inland or sea.

Business Intelligence, Digital Twin, Billing, Radio Communications, Maintenance and Repair of containers management are the main products in our portfolio.
DSP applies their technical competencies to different markets: the Poultry Industry with DataFors and the Construction Industry with a CRM taylored to our Swiss Customer.
As a partner of some major players in the logistics sector, DSP is able to implement several other products: Octopi by Navis, Master Terminal by Navis, EOS, N4Pic by ITL, Test N4 by ITL, IMRS by Kaleris, YMS by Kaleris, MNR by EOS.


The Business intelligene solution for ports and terminals. Any data, anywhere, all in one view.

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The Digital Twin for your terminal: GEMINI is a personal platform bespoke on the characteristic of every single terminal organization.

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DATARADIO automates the dynamic switching of the digital radio channels for terminal tractors or straddle carriers, according to the pooling dispatching system.

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DATABILL is the billing system solution designed for the need of ports and terminals, that applies to Container, General Cargo, Ro-Ro and Vessel services.

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DATAREBOX is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution to manage container inventory, price and labor estimates, repair requirements and billing of standard and reefer containers.

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As a partner of some major players in the logistics sector, DSP is able to implement several other products:

  • Master Terminal by Navis: The terminal Operating System for mixed cargo ports.
  • N4 Pic by ITL: it helps to automate several NAVIS N4 post configuration steps for N4 application, N4 environment, Database and XPS.
  • Test N4 by ITL: a test automation tool for major releases and upgrades of NAVIS N4.
  • IMRS by Kaleris: Intermodal Maintenance and Repair System.
  • YMS by Kaleris: the Yard Management System of Kaleris.
  • MNR by EOS: Maintenance & Reparir platform for intermodal operators.
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