TMT – Trieste Marine Terminal

Migration from Cosmos to NAVIS N4 version – implementation of DATABILL and DATAVIEW- Groovy customisations

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The project, started in January 2016 and has involved a strong and cohesive team composed by the Operations and IT personnel of TMT devoted to the project and by the experts of DSP.

The introduction of NAVIS N4, included the algorithms of optimization expert decking, prime routes, has allowed to rationalise and to modernise all the productive cycles of the terminal.

DSP has taken part since the beginning of the TMT project, starting with analysis and mapping of the processes and has worked at all project stages collaborating on the project management, the installation, the training of the keys users, the N4 configuration, the data migration and tests.

The project scope included the adoption of DataView to deliver reporting system and live KPI dashboard and the integration of DataBill with N4 for automated invoicing process.

DSP has developed a unique solution to enable the automatic switch of digital radio channels of the internal trucks following the prime route dispatching instruction working in global pools and multiple points of work.

“The support of DSP has been fundamental; these big changes require indeed a specific experience in both technical and planning component.” Roberto Menis, TMT General Manager

“The success of the project confirms the value of the long partnership between TMT and DSP, which have worked together for a common objective, growing and improving together day after day.“
Neil Escott, DSP Senior Manage