SGTD Doraleh Container Terminal

Terminal Optimisation

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DSP has provided SGTD (Société de Gestion du Terminal à conteneurs de Doraleh) a combination of process improvements, re-implementation of NAVIS N4 Expert Decking, Prime Route, and Autostow.

Thanks to DSP team and a dedicated operation and planning team Djibouti Container terminal has achieved all previous records.

Doraleh Container Terminal is a joint venture between DP World and the  Djibouti Government who gave DPW a 20 year concession to operate the Port of Djibouti.

Located at the crossroad of three continents, Doraleh Container Terminal
Société de Gestion du Terminal à conteneurs de Doraleh is the most technologically advanced container terminal of Africa.

The port lies on the major east-west trade route with minimal deviation and provides a secure hub within the region for transhipment.

Through its modern logistics facilities and strategic location, Doraleh is well placed to become the premier container distribution hub for the region.