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Marco Fehmer, DSP CEO

N4 Migration

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In 2017 NTB has successfully completed the migration from its terminal operating system of SPARCS 3.7 and Express to Navis N4 version 3.1 thanks to a strong team composed of North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven GmbH&Co personnel, DSP experts and NAVIS consultants

DSP took part in the NTB project from the beginning and has been involved during all the project phases collaborating with project management, contributing with N4 installation and configuration, data migration and Quality Assurance, and giving its support to the setting up of an interface with the Port Community System of Bremerhaven.

Another important element of the project has been the configuration and personalisation of the new billing system, contextually entered into service with the new TOS granting the continuity of the service and the quality of the data.

DSP has also supported Go–Live operations and successive phases of tuning and optimisation.

We received superb, high value and professional support from the entire DSP team. 

Marc Dieterich, General Manager Operations, North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven GmbH & Co

This successful project confirms the value of the multi-disciplinary collaborative team composed of NTB, DSP and NAVIS.