TCR choose DATAVIEW business intelligence solution which is compliance with TIC4.0 standard


    TCR - Terminal Container Ravenna, started an innovative digital project, introducing: NAVIS N4, as the terminal operating system (TOS), and DATAVIEW of DSP, as its Business Intelligence System in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

    The N4 implementation process will be managed, together with TCR Information Department, by DSP the Swiss-based Navis partner, which will work directly with TCR. DSP will provide configuration, testing, field extensions, optimization, and go-live support services, including localized training courses so that their management teams are up and running on N4 as quickly as possible. Moreover, DSP decided to join Terminal Industry Committee 4.0 believing in the needs to define and adopt standards that will enable the cargo handling industry to embrace the 4th industrial revolution and seamless data exchange. DATAVIEW, the flagship product of DSP, which provides real time dashboards and business intelligence reporting for container operations, embraced TIC4.0 mission. DSP is therefore now glad to announce that the data representation of DATAVIEW Talks TIC and proposes a Key Performance Indicators (KPI) model in TIC4.0 language, regardless of the TOS and the other systems to which it is connected.