DSP presents DSP Talumis B.V.


DSP Talumis B.V. is born from the synergy between DSP Data and System Planning S.A. and Talumis B.V. to develop digital simulation and forecasting for the Ports and Terminals industry.
“The strong competencies of DSP and Talumis are melded and give life to something unique and highly specialised in the market of ports and terminals”, says Giambattista Ravano DSP Chairman.

DSP has an excellent reputation, network, a highly skilled workforce and the same “Can Do” mentality. Our simulation and Digital Twin know-how together with the years of in-depth experience of DSP in the container terminal market, creates a very powerful combination”. states Steven Hamoen, Talumis CEO.

It’s been some months since the two companies began working together and thanks to their network of competences have developed a terminal Digital Twin: GEMINI.
Gemini has also been developed with the support of CSP Valencia Terminal, a partner who immediately believed in the project and actively cooperated to build the digital twin.

For more information, visit the GEMINI website.

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