DSP LAB celebrates 2 years

  • #DSP LAB

DSP LAB, founded in October 2020 from the two companies DSP and ITL, met in Chennai- Mamallapuram to celebrate company success.

A day-long celebration to all get together and share with their families the successes of the past two years when unfortunately there were not many opportunities to see each other.

In two years, DSP LAB doubled its staff that is fully integrated with DSP services and products offer worldwide.

DSP LAB specialised in N4 groovy extensions and software development, delivers quality assurance and live equipment testing services and can count on experienced operations consultants well equipped to support TOS implementation and optimisation projects.

The Automated N4 Testing Tool powered by ITL has been further developed and can now count on +200 scripts libraries to build customised terminal test case, effectively reducing testing lifecycle.

Working and travelling together as a team is an incredible opportunity to make the world a peaceful, empathic and multi-cultural place.