DSP and ITL together to create a technology accelerator for ports and logistics, please welcome DSP LAB

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DSP Data and System Planning (DSP) and Ideal Tech Labs (ITL), create a strategic partnership and found together a new company under the brand of DSP LAB Pvt Ltd.

Based in India, the newco will work for the container and general cargo terminal industry under the brand of DSP to accelerate digitalisation of operational process through the latest technologies and development platforms.

DSP can now count on 36 experts that include project managers, business analysts, TOS consultants, QA engineers, software and groovy developers. DSP is the biggest NAVIS certified partner in the world.

The products portfolio of DSP and ITL will offer to the market a wider variety of products DATAVIEW, DATAREBOX, N4PIC, TESTN4, TCS and more.

Giambattista Ravano, Chairman of DSP: “We are very glad and proud about the creation of DSP LAB that represents a great step ahead for DSP. Through DSP LAB we will strength our capability to invest in new, high value-added products and services for our target market.

Marco Fehmer, DSP CEO and Chairman of DSP LAB “We found in ITL the right partner to grow our business and with whom to share the same values of reliability, trust, flexibility, quality and efficiency to which our customers are used to.”

Mahesh Subramanian, Founder of ITL and Managing Director of DSP LAB, “We have been working with DSP for several years. Together we can develop a relationship not only commercial, but combine our skills and capabilities. It’s a great opportunity for both of us.”

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