DPW Prince Rupert

N4 migration

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DSP supported the transition of DP World Prince Rupert Terminal to the NAVIS N4 TOS. The expansion process of the Terminal required the transition from the legacy terminal operating system to Navis N4, which was successfully completed on October 2018.

DSP team has been involved since November 2017 in the project and led the terminal through the transition by providing Project management and test management and business analysis services.

“Terminal operations were stopped for a few hours in the night to allow for data migration. Operations were restarted promptly and were quickly ramped-up and back to standard performances in three days after Go-live,”

Daniele Labate, Senior Manager of DSP Data and System Planning and Project Manager for Prince Rupert N4 Go Live

“Go-live was a success. Thank you to the entire team led by DSP.  Our terminal is now equipped with NAVIS N4, the latest generation TOS, enabling us to better plan for more volume and increased productivity, all while further improving the level of service offered to customers”

Ricardo Alvarez, Director of Operations of DP World Prince Rupert