APM Terminals Port Elizabeth

Gate Automation

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DSP has been in charge of testing the new semi-automated gate at APM Terminals Port Elizabeth.

On April 24 2020 APM Terminals Elizabeth started receiving over-the-road (long-haul) trucks through its new semi-automated gate facility.

DSP has been supporting the terminal since May 2019 closely working in association with Interface, Equipment, IT and Operations teams.Nadeem Usmani, DSP senior consultant, was part of the testing team for the upgrade of NAVIS N4 3.6.20 and go live of the new Gate Operating system (GOS), including gate appointments and gate automation.

The Terminal selected the GOS Orbita which is OCR-based automation for fast and efficient gates which enables users to automatically identify ISO containers as they are transported by truck through a controlled access point. The system also includes a truck license plate reader, capture of still images for damage control and optional identification of hazardous goods label. This reduces interactions with people. With Orbita GOS terminal gate efficiency is doubled.

The new state-of-the-art gate complex employs a modern truck appointment system to reduce queues and keep turn times to a minimum. Gate and yard technology features optical character recognition, radio frequency identification, global positioning systems, closed circuit television and weigh-in-motion scales for maximum efficiency.

Port Elizabeth is APM Terminals’ largest terminal on the east coast of North America, and offers the largest reefer capacity in the Port of New York and New Jersey.

The terminal handles over 2,000+ trucks and over 4,000 terminal gate transactions per day.